Ajaches Los Picos

Weitblick-Wanderung nach Femes

Wir starten in Casitas de Femés und steigen über El Fronton, die Degollada und weitere Hügel auf den Pico de la Oveja. In der Folge geht es immer wieder auf und ab via Pico de las Flores und den Pico del Cuervo (Los Picos) bis wir den → [mehr / read more / más]

Quemada Orzola

Quemada Orzola

Pleasure hike in the north of Lanzarote. On this hike around the volcano “Quemada de Orzola” we walk through ancient agricultural areas, see historical buildings and a great variety of different landscapes in a small area.

On this guided hike we will experience grandiose panoramas and receive – → [mehr / read more / más]

Barranco Mojon – Teguereste

Barranco Mojon

We walk from El Mojon, the eponymous notch valley (Barranco Mojon) to the south, where we enter the Barranco Teguereste.
This spectacular barranco (notch valley/canyon) offers us different views of an interesting dried up riverbed, which only has water for a few weeks (or days) a year. The → [mehr / read more / más]

Mount Güenia & the Mahos

The sacred volcano Güenia

Easy hike in the footsteps of the indigenous people/ancient Canarians/Mahos (Guanches).
We hike around the sacred mountain Güenia near Guatiza.

On this scenic hike we learn a lot about the life and culture of the Old Canarians, who were called “Mahos” on Lanzarote. After a short → [mehr / read more / más]