Here you find the agenda with our planned excursions.
We are happy to offer you additional trips and excursions on request to complement this program. Please use the contact form to arrange desired dates or tours with us individually.

Lanius meridionalis

For the excursions presented here, we give a guarantee of implementation – even with only one participant. In any case a registration is required with us until noon (12.00 o’clock) on the day before the planned excursion.

[The agenda may be subject to changes *1]

2022 / Week 25

Tu. 21.613.30Summer solstice / The calendar of the aborigines
only on June. 21st each year (solstice)
We. 22.612.30Caldera Blanca (easy and short version)available
Fr. 24.612.30Peña de la Pequeñaavailable

2022 / Week 26

Mo. 27.612.00Lava near La Floridaavailable
We. 29.612.30Montaña Cardonaavailable
Su. 3.712.30geological excursionavailable

2022 / Week 27

Tu. 5.714.00Cueva Naturalistasavailable
Sa. 9.712.00halfday-tour southfully booked

2022 / Week 28

Tu. 12.712.30Tinguaton Wine and Volcanoesavailable
Fr. 15.712.30Barranco Casa / Ajachesavailable

2022 / Week 29

Mo. 18.712.00halfday-tour southfully booked
We. 20.712.30Pico Redondo
Hiking in the “Ajaches”
Sa. 23.712.30Guinate – Jeraoavailable

2022 / Week 30

Mo. 25.713.00Cueva Naturalistasavailable
Sa. 30.712.30geological excursionavailable

2022 / Week 31

Fr. 5.812.30Barranco Tenegüimeavailable

2022 / Week 32

Tu. 9.812.30Barranco Maramajo
Hike Teguise to Famara
Su. 14.812.30geological excursionavailable

Further planning will be completed at the latest about two weeks before the start of the following period. If you have specific wishes and send them to us in time, we will be happy to take them into account.

*1 We reserve the right to alter the tours planned here in favour of customer requests if there is not yet a booking for the tour in question.