Exclusive hike through La Geria and the lava fields bordering the Timanfaya National Park.

We start in La Geria and walk first on farm tracks at the foot of the volcano Diama along the wine fields. Of course we will go into the different aspects of farming in the UNESCO World Heritage Site before we dive into the lava of the eruptions of 1730-1736.
As we will be travelling on private land at the edge of the National Park, this excursion cannot be booked with any other provider or done on your own.

Thus, we really walk right through the lava of the eruptions of 1730-1736 and are fascinated by this bizarre landscape.

We would like to explicitly point out that some passages (approximately 2 x 500m) over the sharp-edged lava can be a challenge for the participants.

On this excursion we will also explain to you the volcanism of the Canary Islands in general, but also the peculiarities of the eruptions on Lanzarote in the 18th century.

Total duration: 3 hours 30′
Net walking time: 2 hours
Distance: approx. 6km

Terrain: 3 out of 5 you should be able to walk stable on uneven ground
Difficulty: 3 of 5

Meeting place: Bodega Rubicon/La Geria
Price: 39€

Arrival with rental car – pick up for an extra charge.
Refreshment possible afterwards – participation is optional.
You should have the following with you: Sun protection, sufficient water (approx. 1l per person), snack, a light jacket – in case it gets windy, photo equipment, sturdy shoes/closed shoes

Category: Hiking / medium difficulty

Circular walk Montaña Cardona

View from the top of Mta. Cardona

Easy and comfortable circumnavigation of Montaña Cardona with ascent to the crater rim.

We start our easy and relaxed hike on an unpaved road that takes us along vineyards and fruit orchards right into the lava fields in the outskirts of Timanfaya, where from 1730-1736 the biggest eruptions in history of Lanzarote took place. We approach the Montaña Cardona, a rather flat volcano, circle it on its eastern flank and take a first break at a surprising place.
Afterwards, we walk alongside its flank up to the edge of the crater with an impressive wide and all-round view. We walk along the wide, flat crater rim for a little while and can enjoy the landscape in peace and amazement before leaving it on another comfortable path. Now the path leads us into the half-open crater. Here we can admire the plants and several different kinds of lava.
This circular path impresses with its spectacular views on a mainly flat stretch of road, a short ascent is to be made on the way to the crater rim.

As always, there is a lot of interesting and entertaining information about history, flora and fauna as also geology on this tour.

You should have the following with you: sun protection, sufficient water (approx. 1 l per person), snack, a light jacket – in case it gets windy, photo equipment, sturdy shoes/closed shoes.

Length: approx. 7 km
Duration: approx. 3 hours 30′
Difficulty: 1 of 5 – if you are afraid of heights it should be no problem, but please let us know in advance. Thank you.
Terrain: 2 of 5 – you should be able to walk on uneven ground in a stable way.

Price: 39 € per person

Meeting point: Church in Masdache