Circular walk Montaña Cardona

View from the top of Mta. Cardona

Easy and comfortable circumnavigation of Montaña Cardona with ascent to the crater rim.

We start our easy and relaxed hike on an unpaved road that takes us along vineyards and fruit orchards right into the lava fields in the outskirts of Timanfaya, where → [mehr / read more / más]

Tinguaton – volcanoes and vine

Caldera Quemada

Along the lava fields of the Timanfaya we first cross an inconspicuous volcanic group before we cross the vineyards near Mancha Blanca. We see and understand the wine cultivation on Lanzarote with all its efforts and agonies that lead to a unique quality. In the further course we → [mehr / read more / más]

Montaña Blanca

Fantastic view of the summit – Lanzarote is at our feet

scenic views as we climb to the top of Montaña Blanca

Fantastic views await us not only at the summit of Montaña Blanca. On our way we first have the view of Tias and Puerto del Carmen as well → [mehr / read more / más]