Montaña Aganada

View from the Montaña Aganada to the Archipielago Chinijo

This really easy and also very flat tour leads us from the little forest (El Bosquecillo) to the table mountain “Aganada” near Haria.

We walk on an unpaved path, which is uneven, but for Lanzarote conditions very well passable. With a → [mehr / read more / más]

Tinajo West

View over the landscape west of Tinajo – in the background the Risco de Famara

Very easy distance hike in the rugged north-west of Lanzarote.

The first half of this hike takes us through agricultural areas west of Tinajo – the capital of the municipality of the same name. Depending → [mehr / read more / más]

Barranco Casa

Blick von der “Grotte” Richtung Playa Quemada

Sehr schöne Streckenwanderung mit Bademöglichkeit an einsamen Stränden.
Am ‘Ziel’ erwartet uns eine traumhafte Überraschung zu der es interessante Geschichten gibt…

In den Sommermonaten ist die Landschaft des Naturschutzgebietes ‘Los Ajaches’ auf den ersten Blick sehr karg – doch auf den zweiten Blick → [mehr / read more / más]

Lava in La Florida

Easy hike between the vine-area of La Geria and the lavaflows from the 18th century.

Immer wieder beeindrucken die Formen und Farben der Lava.

We start along the vineyards in the foothills of La Geria. Heading west, we leave the paved and unpaved roads and walk on the young lava → [mehr / read more / más]

Excursions by car

Whoever cannot or does not want to participate in hiking tours (e.g. guests with physical disabilities, elderly fellow citizens or families with children), has the possibility to make tours by car with us.

Mto. al Campesino

Monumento al Campesino/Lanzarote
During such a tour, which usually takes about four and a → [mehr / read more / más]


Exclusive hike through La Geria and the lava fields bordering the Timanfaya National Park.

We start in La Geria and walk first on farm tracks at the foot of the volcano Diama along the wine fields. Of course we will go into the different aspects of the special kind of → [mehr / read more / más]