Excursions by car

Whoever cannot or does not want to participate in hiking tours (e.g. guests with physical disabilities, elderly fellow citizens or families with children), has the possibility to make tours by car with us.

Mto. al Campesino

Monumento al Campesino/Lanzarote
During such a tour, which usually takes about four and a → [mehr / read more / más]

Roundtrip Pico Redondo

We ascend from the small village of Femes towards Pico Aceitunas and on to the Degollada de Portuges. We then circle the Pico Redondo in a southerly direction. After around 2 hours, we reach a small finca where we take a longer break. We then continue with fantastic views of → [mehr / read more / más]

Montaña Blanca

Fantastic view of the summit – Lanzarote is at our feet

scenic views as we climb to the top of Montaña Blanca

Fantastic views await us not only at the summit of Montaña Blanca. On our way we first have the view of Tias and Puerto del Carmen as well → [mehr / read more / más]

Barranco Tenegüime

A varied hike in the “Barranco de Tenegüime”, a fascinating notched valley near Guatiza.

Barranco Tenegüime

One would not think it possible that behind the simple entrance along agriculture suddenly such a natural wonder opens up. We first hike along a dried-out creek bed, through an amazingly diverse vegetation – → [mehr / read more / más]