The calendar of the aborigines

Experimental Archaeology – the calendar of the Mahos/Guanchen – every year on December 21st – only in good weather. Crater hike on the traces of the ancient Canarians

Following the traces of the old-canarians (or Mahos, how the Guanches are called in Lanzarote) we hike into a volcanic crater after → [mehr / read more / más]

Costa Rubicon & Los Charcones

Caminata fácil en la llanura de Rubicón hasta los Charcones

Los Charcones

Nadar en los Charcones – el verdadero “Lanzarote-Feeling”
Comenzamos en el punto de encuentro de la antigua planta desalinizadora de agua de mar de Yaiza. Conducimos a lo largo de la costa hacia el sur, ya sea por → [mehr / read more / más]

Guinate – Jerao – los Crateres

Starting near the small village of Guinate, we first walk through a cultivated area towards the fascinating cliffs of Jerao. After a short but steep climb we are rewarded with a fantastic view over the sea to the Archepilago de Chinijo (La Graciosa, Montaña Clara and Alegranza). These spectacular views → [mehr / read more / más]

Ajaches Valle Yaiza

Hike with very nice views in the south of Lanzarote

The view in the direction of Timanfaya.

We start near the village of Las Casitas de Femés and climb onto the Caldera Gritana, from where we reach the Atalaya de Femés via Tablero and other hills (Los Lomos). On the → [mehr / read more / más]

Arco Risco

Etwas anstrengend aber lohnenswert. Dieser Felsbogen ist spektakulär und liegt etwas abgeschieden mitten im Risco de Famara.

Bitte beachtet, dass wir Euch diese Wanderung nur anbieten, falls Ihr schon eine andere Wanderung mit uns gemacht habt, damit wir Euch und Eure Fähigkeiten einschätzen können und Euch nicht überfordern.

Barranco Tenegüime

A varied hike in the “Barranco de Tenegüime”, a fascinating notched valley near Guatiza.

Barranco Tenegüime

One would not think it possible that behind the simple entrance along agriculture suddenly such a natural wonder opens up. We first hike along a dried-out creek bed, through an amazingly diverse vegetation – → [mehr / read more / más]