Haria – Secenic hike

The lower part of the Barranco Elvira Sanchez

We hike from Haria through the Barranco Ternesia up to the Degollada el Rincon and then through the lower part of Barranco Elvira Sanchez back to Haria

After a short and very moderate climb through the Barranco Ternesia we reach after approx. → [mehr / read more / más]

Haria – Valle Malpaso

View into the Barranco Elvira Sanchez

We hike from Haria upwards through the Valle Malpaso to the little forest (El Bosquecillo) and then down through the Barranco Elvira Sanchez back to Haria

Apart from the fantastic views during the ascent and also from the grove (whose characteristics are explained on → [mehr / read more / más]

The calendar of the aborigines

Experimental Archaeology – the calendar of the Mahos/Guanchen – every year on December 21st – only in good weather. Crater hike on the traces of the ancient Canarians

Following the traces of the old-canarians (or Mahos, how the Guanches are called in Lanzarote) we hike into a volcanic crater after → [mehr / read more / más]

El Norte

Wanderung von Orzola, vorbei am traumhaften Strand Playa Canteria und weiter durch das Valle Chica bis fast zur Nordspitze der Insel.

Blick Richtung Orzola

Habt Ihr Euch jemals gefragt, was es mit den Straußenvögeln auf sich hat, die hier gefunden wurden? Wir erklären es Euch auf dieser wunderschönen Wanderung.

Unterwegs → [mehr / read more / más]